Buying emerging art is the equivalent of investing in frontier market equities. Rather than buying the global names that appear in the big auctions of the best galleries, you invest in the artistic equivalent of Mongolia or Cambodia: the young artists coming out of MA programmes.




David Stevenson
The Financial Times

Winston Chmielinski

Collecting work by emerging artists is the best way to begin investing in art.  Following the huge success of Parts I and II of our Invest in Art series, our Chief Curator Rebecca Wilson has chosen 14 new emerging artists of great promise from around the world.

Winston Chmielinski was born in 1988 in Boston, MA, and has degrees in philosophy and creative writing from New York University's Gallatin School. Since graduating he has had solo shows in Berlin and New York, has exhibited at VOLTA in New York, one of the best fairs for emerging artists, and was chosen by NY Arts Magazine as one of 5 artists to watch during Armory Week in New York in 2013.

Works by emerging artists such as these have the potential for increasing in value and leading to future gains, and they are also much more affordable than bigger name artists and much easier to access.

Peter Doig made his famous painting, White Canoe (1990-1), while he was a student at the Chelsea College of Art & Design in London. The work was acquired by the Saatchi Gallery and sold many years later in 2007 at Sotheby's for £5.7 million.

Buying art as an investment might not be important to you and you may never wish to sell the works you buy. But even so, it's an exciting thought to imagine that the work you are buying could be by a future art star - even the next Peter Doig - and that you got there first.

David Fredrik Moussallem

“Inspired by vintage signage, graffiti, abandoned scrapyards and erosion, my pieces reflect the beautifully imperfect surroundings of urban city life,” says David Fredrik Moussallem, who was born in Finland and now lives in Toronto, where he has been widely exhibiting his works. Comprised of sanded collage and acrylic paint, his mixed media works can be found in corporate collections throughout Canada, as well as private collections across North America.

Mollie Douthit

Mollie Douthit, born in 1986 in North Dakota, has a Post Baccalaureate Certificate from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and is currently pursuing an MFA at Burren College of Art in Ballyvaughan, Ireland. In 2013 her work was featured in the MFA edition of New American Paintings, the Royal Hibernian Academy Annual Exhibition, and she was awarded the Hennessy Craig Award of 10,000 euros, the first painter in 5 years to receive the scholarship in its entirety.

Joseba Eskubi

Each of Joseba Eskubi’s works has, as he puts it, “a temperature, a character like a portrait of an unknown thing.” He has been in many group shows in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, US, and Denmark, and in 2013 exhibited at the PULSE art fair in Miami, the PINTA fair for Latin American art in London. Eskubi studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of the Basque Country, and lives in Spain.

Sunyoung Hwang

Sunyoung Hwang was born in South Korea in 1988 and has a First Class BA Hons degree from the Slade School of Fine Art, London, where she won the Steer Memorial Prize for her degree show. She has already been invited to show her work in many exhibitions in London and Seoul, and in September 2014 she will begin an MA in Painting at the Royal College of Art in London, one of the finest art schools in the UK.

Christian Hetzel

German artist Christian Hetzel’s minimalist paintings reflect his “less is more” approach to life. His focus is on texture and abstract color-field compositions, paring down color and layers to create minimalist works that are the antithesis to the 21st-century overload of images. Hetzel's works are in many private collections internationally and have been shown in exhibitions and art fairs across Europe.

Tahnee Lonsdale

London-based Tahnee Lonsdale's most recent series was inspired by Japanese writer Murakami, and her paintings capture a similar sense of alienation: “Loneliness and melancholy are ever looming in my work... the lost and lone bear looking into the depths of a forest.” She has a BA from the Byam Shaw School of Art in London, has been shortlisted for '100 Painters of Tomorrow’, a landmark book to be published by Thames & Hudson, and was shortlisted for the 2012 Dazed and Confused Emerging Artist award.

Ilona Szalay

Ilona Szalay was born in Beirut and studied at Oxford University and Byam Shaw in London. In 2013 she won the Italian contemporary art prize ORA and was one of six finalists for the Threadneedle Prize, one of the UK's most valuable contemporary art prizes. In 2013 she had solo shows at Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London and at Galleria Marelia in Bergamo, Italy. Her work has been exhibited at numerous London galleries and is in many private collections.

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Michal Mraz

Michal Mraz's work bridges the gap between stencil realism and graffiti, bringing together what inspires him as an artist: nature, urban life, representational painting and pop culture. In 2012, his work was recognized with a nomination for the Artaq Urban Art Award in Paris. Mraz studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia and has had many exhibitions in Slovakia, Italy and Germany.

Calum McClure

Calum McClure, born in 1987, has a BA from Edinburgh College of Art. In 2011 he won the Jolomo Painting Award and in 2012 his work was featured in the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy in London. His works depicts rural scenes, with reflection being a recurring motif, challenging the viewer to think about what has been painted and quite literally turning landscape painting on its head. His next solo show will be at The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh later this year. 

- Rebecca Wilson
Chief Curator and Director, Art Advisory, Saatchi Art



Timothy Hon Hung Lee

Timothy Hon Hung Lee was born in China and studied in the UK, and this duality informs his intricate still lives and portrait paintings. “The compositions, forms and rhythms of classical Asian art echo through my work, intertwined with a Western sense of realism and perspective,” he says. Lee has shown his work at art fairs and exhibitions in London, New York and Amsterdam, and is in many private collections. He has a solo show coming up in London in March 2014.











One final note:
There are no guarantees when it comes to buying art and you should always feel happy with what you’re buying as it may be on your walls for a pleasurably long time. But if you are interested in the investment side of buying art then acquiring works by emerging artists is a great way to begin. We hope you enjoy our selection.

George Sampsonidis

George Sampsonidis was born in 1987 and graduated in 2012 with a BFA from Athens School of Fine Arts. He had his first solo show in Athens in November 2013 and sold many works as well as attracting the attention of critics, one of whom said: “With the compassion of a mature individual and the ability to navigate a cave-like world of dreams… Sampsonidis has orchestrated a universe that sucks you in, in waves of beauty and ambiguity.”


Julien Spianti

Julien Spianti was born in France in 1982 and studied at the Sorbonne. Since then he has been exhibiting across Europe, with solo shows in the UK, France, Belgium and Italy. This year his solo shows include Arte Fiera 2014, Bologna, Galerie d’(A), Lausanne, and Fred Lanzemberg Gallery, Brussels. He won the Prix Marin: Prix de la ville d’Arcueil in 2012, and his paintings are in many collections all over the world.


Elysia Byrd

Elysia Byrd graduated in 2013 from Wimbledon College of Art in London with a First Class BA. In 2013, she was one of 10 shortlisted finalists for the Woon Prize for Painting and Sculpture, which is open to students across the UK in the final year of their undergraduate study. Her paintings, which explore ideas of cultural tourism and a Western perception of a generalised exoticness, were recently exhibited in FBA Futures are the Mall Galleries in London, a showcase of outstanding art graduates of 2013.





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